200 years in the future and we've retreated into our own fantasies

We live underground and cannot tell the difference between reality and play, not that we care either way. We are addicted to our own isolation, an endless sojourn with the stars of yesteryear, remixed and repeated.


A handful of people are self-aware enough to want to live a normal life; to talk to real people, to see real things no matter how ugly the truth. Brontay is one of this unhappy few and she's about to discover that this truth is far worse than ugly.


Mannycapra watches her, watches everyone. He used to be a media mogul, but now the human is indistinguishable from the network. At least he's kept his sense of humour.


Something new is coming, a thing that was out of even his reach until now...



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We don't know, but the best guess is that human condition is open to corruption on a societal level, regardless of good intentions and clever ideologies. People act in self-interest and my stories reflect that.

Not to say we can't have a little fun along the way as we descend into the abyss, mind.

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“When the going gets weird, the weird go pro.”

Hunter S. Thompson, Drug-Addled Nutcase