What Led us to this Utter Shit Shambles?

As a filmmaker and lecturer in Digital Writing, I've always had a project on the boil. Then in 2016, my wife was undergoing chemo and I had to take time off to look after her.


She will tell you that I'm a pain in the arse if I'm not neck deep in some project or other, but there were more important priorities. Still, the gaps during her sleeping hours, long moments that became available from thin air after years of never having enough time in the day, led me to this; THE FUTURE IS A FUCKER.

The profanity is a cheap shot at attention, but that’s my way of cutting through the white noise. I adapted an old novel into 6 hours of TV scifi drama, but I was in no position to sell, let alone make it.

First off though, no mates on this project, none of my actor or crew cronies. I had to keep everyone away from the door as an infection would be dangerous for Katy. This had to be deep under the radar. Since online casting became a thing, I’d always had enquiries for auditions from all over the world, even if I’d stated: “Budget is nigh fuck all, so North West England only please”. But this time I just went for it, all part of the plan to make the dream happen, a £50 million TV series with a big ensemble cast entirely online with no money. Would they bite?


They bit, hard. Several hundred auditions, which were whittled to 40, including a narrator. Disabled, socially excluded, remotely based actors came forward from the four corners of the earth and recorded down their smartphones (or home studios if they were a bit more pro). They piped their performances to my gmail and I honed it with them via Messenger. Using a friendly studio in Devon who I also met through this process, I cut the whole thing together on a Macbook with movie foley and a bipolar soundtrack, carving out a long soundscape that I call the world’s first PodPlay; somewhere between a radio play, a film and an audio book. To date, I have not met a single person on my cast and crew in the flesh, but it is a carbon neutral, rocket ride that I want to tell you all about.


TFIAF is a satire on the satire of modern life projected into the 23rd Century, when we only communicate with the networks and not with each other and the entertainment that we rely upon for placebo interaction is an endless series of repeats and reboots.


I just had to get it out my system. So here it is: https://www.spreaker.com/show/futurefucker


With regards,


Carroll Grabham


Grab a Grabham

Wow, thanks you Krazy Kat.